Whether you are a blogger, vlogger, filmmaker or wannabe influencer, Ƶ’s digital media programme can transform you from consumer to creator. Our online and in-centre courses combine expert tuition and practical guidance to deliver a range of technological and creative skills. You’ll be taught a variety of techniques to design, create and manage content in an intuitive way. By the end of a course, you could have created your own Youtube channel, finished a short film project or launched a new website, ready to showcase your new talents to the world!

Our team of tutors are professional practitioners and designers, and passionate about their craft! To ensure that you make the best possible progress on your chosen course, you will receive regular feedback from your tutor in a constructive and supportive environment. Ƶ are taught both online and in-centre– or a combination of the two. The online classes will be taught at a specific course time each week using MS Teams. You will learn via a mix of presentation, active learning exercises, assignments, demonstrations, hand-outs, step-by-step instructions, pair working and group discussion. Manageable project work will be assigned between and during classes to help you progress. The classes are informal and allow for question and answer sessions, technical advice and support depending on your needs. One-to-one tuition will be given to help develop ideas and skills. All course material will be instantly accessible via the learning platform and the sessions may be recorded so that you may return to them later. This will only be done with group consent. Learners will be encouraged to use the class forums to engage with each other during the class and to support each other with project work between classes if required. There are many advantages to learning in an online environment. You can benefit from anytime-access to an archive of course materials, resources and links to help you with projects and assignments. You can also gain instant support and answers to questions via forums, and receive one-to-one tutor and peer support. All Ƶ students receive a generous discount on Adobe CC Software and a free Microsoft Office account with Email, MS Teams, Office Apps and much more!